terça-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2014

How to sharpen a knife

  How to sharpen a knife
To use a steel to sharpen a knife, hold the steel firmly but keep your wrist fairly relaxed. Keep your hand behind the butt of the steel at all times so you don’t cut yourself.
Drag the blade of the knife across the steel at an angle, sliding up from the base (or heel) of the knife to the tip. Alternate by bringing the knife under the steel and slide it up from the base to the tip to sharpen the other side. Try to work both sides evenly.
Use slow, steady strokes to run the knife blade along the steel. Speedy strokes don’t sharpen the knife any more than slow ones so go at a steady pace until you’re completely comfortable.
Sharpen your knife every time you use it to keep it properly sharp.

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